Product Redesign • Concept Development • Materialisation

During this eight week project I have designed a new bicycle front light. This was an individual school project, done for a well known dutch bicycle brand. The new bicycle light should be striking and modern in design, while still using various components from the old design. The focus of this project was on the styling and materialisation of the product.

Goldline Logo
Goldline Bicycle

The collection of Goldline consists of exclusive and luxurious bicycles built with only high quality components. Developed to the highest quality standards and made ​​specifically for the demanding top segment. The current front bicycle light design does not match the Goldline collection styling. Thus, a redesign is needed.

I started this project by researching the Goldline collection, the Brand i was designing for and other bike lights on the market. This resulted in a number of collages from which i could start my idea generation fase. During idea generation I made a large number of sketches using a wide viarity of techniques. For example, sketching in context, using underlays and sketching tumbnails. The focus during idea generation was the appearance of the bike light.

Luxsit - Idea Sketches | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Idea Tumbnails | by Marcel Pater

At the end of the ideation fase three idea's were chosen and developed into concepts i.e. developed technically. The three concepts were named Space, Elite and Sprint.

Luxsit - Concepts | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Concept Detailing | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Concept Detailing | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Concept Elite | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Concept Space | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Concept Sprint | by Marcel Pater

At the end of the first three weeks of the project the concept development fase was finished. All three concepts were equally developed into a realisable concept. I choose the 'Elite' concept to develop into a production ready product. This choice was done purely from an estetical point of view.

Before I started to materialise the concept into a 3D solidworks model, i first made a foam model on scale. This helped me to translate the concept into a solidworks surface model, and refine the shape where needed.

Luxsit - Foam Model | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Solidworks Model | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Printed Model | by Marcel Pater

When i had the global shape as a solidworks surface I made this into a solid and worked on completing the model. This included adding many details, split lines, lip and grooves, mounting bosses and supporting componts such as batteries and the interior metal support. The final model is completely injection moldable.

From the finished model a 3D print was made in order to test the pivoting construction. From this print it became clear that some parts needed a small adjustment, after which the technical drawings were made.

Luxsit - 3D Print | by Marcel Pater
Luxsit - Technical Drawing | by Marcel Pater

A final evaluation was written with considerations to what should be further looked at if this project was to be continued. A presentation rendering was made to display the end results in full glory.

Luxsit - Bicycle Front Light Design | by Marcel Pater