What I do

I design products, from analyzing a problem to materializing a complete solution.


I will leave no stone unturned while doing my research. Understanding the needs of the user is a big part of my process.


My love for sketching shows during the ideation phase of projects. Let the ideas flow!

Concept Development

Developing an idea into a tangible concept and bringing it to live, its great to see your ideas grow.


Connecting the last dots, applying the final touches. Ready for production!


Whats more amazing then seeing your idea in front of you for the first time!


Resume's are boring, but if you really want to know, keep reading..


2010 - current × Bachelor of Industrial Product Design × Hogeschool van Arnhem & Nijmegen, Arnhem

2013 - current × Co-Design Studio Minor × Hogeschool Utrecht


feb 2013 - jun 2013 × BERG Toys × Internship

sep 2011 - jan 2012 × Van Leeuwen International × Internship

mar 2010 - current × Albert Heijn × Salesmen


Co-Design × User research, Involving users in design

Design Research × Project planning, Research methods, Tangible results

Ideation/Concept Development × Sketching digital/analog, Generative techniques

Product Materialisation × Solidworks, Knowledge of various production methods

Product Visualisation × Photoshop, Keyshot, Photoview, Photography

Prototyping × Creating visual and/or working prototypes

My Knowledge

Photoshop Master
Illustrator Intermediate
InDesign Intermediate
Solidworks Experienced

SolidThinking Beginner
Keyshot Experienced
3DVIA Composer Intermediate
Office Seasoned

Who am I

Passionate Designer × Fanatic Rugby Player × Novice Watch Collector × Loves to Draw × Beer not Wine

I am from the Netherlands, and besides Dutch I can also speak and write English just fine. I live in a town called Doorn in the Netherlands and am currently doing a Co-Design minor at the Hogeschool Utrecht.

Shoot me a message at mail@marcelpater.com